Hi everyone! I’m Charlotte and I’m 23 from sunny Sussex. I’m a beauty therapist, a girlfriend (and soon to be fiancée with a bit of luck), and a Belieber (yep you heard, no shame). I like scuba diving, walking dogs (yes I’m serious, GIVE ME ALL THE DOGS), getting dressed up and going out with friends till my feet fall off from dancing, travelling, and eating cheese.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for a total of nearly 6 years now, that’s where the beauty related posts come from. I’m a bit of a hippie if you like and am very open minded to the holistic new age side of the world, that’s where the spiritual posts come from. And the lifestyle posts? Well that’s mainly just me moaning about things. Oh and there may be a bit of fashion in there too! Nothing fancy, just a few absolute bargs the world needs to know about!

If you got this far, thanks for putting up with my first bit of waffle! Happy reading!

Love always,
Charlotte x


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