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Why it’s called ‘beauty sleep’ despite waking up looking like a troll 


Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve your appearance, health and well-being. Okay okay, you may wake up looking like you’ve never heard of a hairbrush and can hardly see through your puffy eyes; however the long term benefits from getting enough sleep each night weigh out these short term downfalls. Here are some exceptionally vital reasons why:

  • The scientists aren’t lying when they say the body needs 8 hours of sleep a night in order to function properly the next day. All your muscles, organs and emotions need to relax, refresh and rest in order for you to physically and mentally get the most out of your next day. Think of all the millions of cells, hundreds of muscles, bones and ligaments, and all the emotions and hormones running through your body.. they all need that much time to relax, just as much as you do.
  • Skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night. So, the more sleep and rest you get overnight, the less wrinkles, dark circles, and dullness will appear.
  •  Your eyes are surrounded by loads of little muscles, allowing us to blink and show facial expressions in this area. On average, we blink up to 5 times a minute for 18 hours a day. That calculates to around 30 minutes a day blinking solidly, or 5 years of our whole lives. Those eye muscles are constantly working whilst your awake, they, like your other muscles in arms and legs etc, need rest as well. This is why our eyes become heavy and dark circles appear, due to the strain and struggle of fighting to keep them open when they are clearly telling you go to sleep. No amount of eye cream will make-up for your lack of shut eye.
  • You physically feel better. Yes, okay, so maybe some mornings you wake up after 8-9 hours kip and feel like death warmed up. But, once your body gets used to more sleep, you will feel better in yourself, you will feel healthier and find you get more out of your day with a smile and refreshed systems.
  • The earlier you go to bed the earlier you’ll get up. So this may not suit everyone – have a lie in! Yay more sleep, that’s good! But if you go to bed early you’re more likely to wake up and get up early too, allowing you to get more out of your day. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, spot the dog walkers, all these morning moments can add little bits of happiness to your day and make getting up after an early night worth while.
  • I often hear people moaning about always being tired and hating mornings and having to get up early for work or school or college. Well duh, get more sleep then. Sitting in front of your phone or laptop or iPad screen all evening is a rubbish reason to lose out on sleep. If you were going to a once in a lifetime party at the Brit Awards till 5am then its a bit different, but religiously checking Twitter and all that other stuff not only strains your eye muscles even more (brightness of screens already causes you to squint, enhancing the visibility of wrinkles around the eye area), but its preventing you from sleeping when your eyes are telling you to, and you know you’ll be complaining about being tired in the morning anyway.

Bit of an essay I know, but it’s so important it can’t be watered down. Try it, have a few early nights this week, record your TV shows for another time, leave Facebook till the morning, see what a difference it makes.

Do you have any tips for getting a good night’s sleep?

Sweet dreams!

Love always,

Charlotte x 


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