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Essential beauty tips every girl should know

Simple and easy things to keep you pretty…

  • Drink water. And lots of it. It hydrates your skin, nourishes your hair, refreshes your senses and can stop you feeling hungry for a while.
  • Always remove your make-up before bed. You don’t want all that gunk getting jammed into your pores and smothered onto your pillows do you? It allows your skin to breathe.
  • Speaking of, always wear moisturiser. Even when you go to bed. Think of all the make-up residue, eye bogies, sweat and dribble your pillows are covered in from when you sleep.
  • Buying cheap hair and beauty products are no good for you. Yes, Alberto Balsam shampoo & conditioner smells incredible, but 99p a bottle? Why spend hundreds on getting a fresh cut, highlights and professional care at the hairdressers to ruin it with cheap products? You wouldn’t buy a silk dress and put it on a boil wash, would you?
  • Spending a few extra pounds on more luxurious skin care products (such as Dermalogica or Elemis) is so worth it. Trust me. It actually works. Go to a salon or skin care centre and a trained expert will be able to analyse your skin and advise you on what products would work best on your skin.And usually, the skin analysis is free!
  • Dry shampoo is a gift from the Gods. Use it! My favourite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush, Floral or Tropical.
  • There is never a reason to vigorously buff the natural nail plate during any manicure. Lightly buffing the surface is normal, but repetitively filing over the surface of the nail is what causes them to be so thin and damaged underneath the polish. This is the problem, not the product, tips or varnishes.
  • Rubbing almond oil on dry and damaged nails is a great way of restoring their moisture and health.
  • Vaseline/petroleum jelly is a barrier product, not a cream or nourishing agent. Putting this on your chapped lips will stop external factors worsening their condition, but will not help them get better. A good, decent, little more expensive lip balm or product will help restore them of their natural and essential elements.
  • Think your skin is too bad for a facial? Think again. There is a facial for everyone out there.
  • Perfume only needs to be sprayed a few times on the body. Overdoing it will give people headaches. Just a few spritz on your ankles (smell rises), wrists (we all use our hands a lot), and your hair (its movement will release the scent all day).
  • Every single anti-perspirant deodorant leaves white marks – even the anti-white mark ones! Check your sides after putting a top or dress on. If there is a mark, then wipe over it with a baby wipe to remove it.
  • Wax. No more stubble. No more thick spikey hairs. No more having to shave after 12 hours. After regular waxing, the hairs will take much longer to come back and when they do, they’re thinner, lighter, patchier and softer.

Any other tips or tricks you guys have up your sleeve? Let me know!

Love always,

Charlotte x


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